Accessorizing Your Snugtop Campershell: Must-Have Add-ons for Camping Enthusiasts

Accessorizing Your Snugtop Campershell: Must-Have Add-ons for Camping Enthusiasts

The Snugtop campershell is everything a truck enthusiast needs to boost their on-road experience, as it expands the utility of the vehicle. They can be decked out to house a variety of tools and necessary items while keeping them waterproof and protected from various external factors. Moreover, the canopies are quite sufficient on their own, […]

A few tips to keep in mind when choosing a camper shell

A few tips to keep in mind when choosing a camper shell

Are you planning to snag a camper shell to expand your truck’s utility? Well, there are quite a few things to consider before you purchase this canopy. From different types to feature options, the choices are numerous enough to overwhelm any buyer easily. Even while seeking camper shells for sale in California, you will come […]

The Best Bed Liners You Need For Your Truck

Truck bed liners are crucial as they guard your truck bed against rust, scratches, and several damages caused due to heaving cargo. They keep your goods from sliding around, decreasing the risk of lost or damaged items. Furthermore, bed liners lower cargo rattling and shifting noise, offering a more comfortable ride. Read this article to […]

Best lighting equipment and their benefits


Nothing can get in your way with our selection of top-of-the-line lighting equipment. All our lighting options ensure you can see the road regardless of the weather condition and that other drivers can always see you.  Our Options Cut through the darkness, mist, fog, and anything else that might try to get in your way […]

How to remove your tonneau cover?

Snugtop Tonneau Cover in California

Ordinary pickup truck covers are fairly easy to remove most of the time. Some pickup truck covers. However, it may prove more challenging than others at times. Here we’ll explain how to take off different types of backings not to find a thorn in the Wilderness buffet trip. REASONS TO REMOVE YOUR TONNEAU COVER  There […]


snugtop campershell in California

The Camper Shell serves various purposes and adds more utility to any pickup installed on. At California campershell, we always get excited when new models of snugtop campershell in California are released. In addition, we take pride in keeping our customers updated on the latest and greatest truck accessories.   This discussion is on two […]

Can Tonneau Covers Save Fuel?

Leer Tonneau Cover in California

Did you ever wonder if adding a Snugtop Tonneau Cover in California to your pickup will improve gas mileage and cut down fuel expenditure? We’ve done our research and contemplated the following findings of studies.   HOW MUCH FUEL DOES A TONNEAU COVER SAVE? LET’S DIVE IN. It seems common sense that covering a pickup […]