Accessorizing Your Snugtop Campershell: Must-Have Add-ons for Camping Enthusiasts

The Snugtop campershell is everything a truck enthusiast needs to boost their on-road experience, as it expands the utility of the vehicle. They can be decked out to house a variety of tools and necessary items while keeping them waterproof and protected from various external factors. Moreover, the canopies are quite sufficient on their own, but you can always customize them according to your needs. 

This further contributes to their growing popularity, prompting manufacturers to produce more add-ons for such bed caps. The following section will further discuss all the must-have accessories for Snugtop Campershell in California, tailored to improve the truck experience of every enthusiast. 

Must-have interior accessories for Snugtop Campershell

A proper setup of interior accessories can easily elevate your experience with Snugtop Campershell in California. Here are some of the add-ons worth picking up to make the canopy more comfortable and useful:

1. Energy sources and lighting equipment

  • Portable Solar Panels: First and foremost, pick up portable solar panels, as they can be used to generate sufficient energy to recharge all your essentials. Pair it with an inverter to convert the power based on the requirements. 
  • 12V Powerblocks: For a more prominent energy source in Snugtop Campershell, consider purchasing the 12V Powerblocks. They are often equipped with extra ports that allow you to distribute the power easily. 
  • Dome Lights: This is everything you need to illuminate the interiors of your truck toppers. The modern dome light comprises multiple LEDs with a simple push-button switch for easy access. 

2. Storage system

  • Ceiling Mounted Pullouts: You can easily use the ceiling of a Snugtop Campershell for some extra storage. There are a bunch of great ceiling-mounted drawers available on the market that can be used to store a few necessary items. 
  • Bed Slides: Installing bed slides is another great way to expand the storage options within your truck topper. It lets you effectively use the bed of your vehicle for tucking away the essential tools, which can be pulled out whenever necessary. 

3. Extra convenience

  • Truck bed mattress: Nothing tops a comfortable mattress at the back of your truck where you can rest for the night. They are either made of foam or rubber, so make sure to pick the one that feels more comfortable. 
  • Folding Hangers: Folding hangers inside a Snugtop Campershel can be quite useful to many truck owners who are carrying their precious garments with them. The hanger provides a place where the clothes can be hung instead of scattering them on the bed. 

Snugtop Campershell exterior storage and window options

Exterior storage and window options are equally important to completely transform your Snugtop Campershell in California. Here are some of the add-ons that every enthusiast should consider. 

1.  Campershell roof rack

A roof rack is an essential addition for any canopy, as it increases the truck’s storage space even on the exterior. From ladders to by-cycles, you can haul anything at the top that is otherwise too large to fit in your vehicle. They are designed to be latched onto a variety of Snugtop Campershells and can hold quite a bit of weight, which is always a plus. 

2.  Window options

  • Removable front window: Quite a few options are available when it comes to removable front windows for Snugtop Campershell. You can choose from a sliding or static design that can equally offer great ventilation for your topper. 
  • Fold-up and sliding side windows: Side windows are quite important for easy access to the cargo. You can choose either a hinged fold-up model for more security or a sliding model for extra ventilation.

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