A few tips to keep in mind when choosing a camper shell

Are you planning to snag a camper shell to expand your truck’s utility? Well, there are quite a few things to consider before you purchase this canopy. From different types to feature options, the choices are numerous enough to overwhelm any buyer easily.

Even while seeking camper shells for sale in California, you will come across different options to choose from. Hence, a proper insight into the things to look for will certainly help during your purchase. Make sure to go through all the tips presented in this article to choose the right camper shell for your vehicle. 

1. Learn about different types of camper shell

When it comes to the type of camper shell, there are a few different options. Depending on how they can be removed, the toppers can be classified as follows:


We recommend getting a SnugTop if you are looking for an easy-to-remove cover. The brand designs its canopy with a J-hook clamp system, which can be easily connected to or detached from the truck bed. Their bulb rubber seal along the seal automatically insulates the cover after reinstallation. 


It is pretty likely that some of the camper shells for sale in California belong to Leer. While the brand offers the same clamp connection and rubber seal as SnugTop, their J-hook has a slightly different design. 

Besides the specified brands, quite a few camper shell manufacturers produce either hard lid covers or easiest lids. 

2. Decide on a style or brand

Before you ask yourself, “Should I buy the camper shell near me?” Make sure to decide between style and brand. While brand contributes to its structure, style is all about the visual appeal of the topper. 

It is worth noting that camper shells with an expensive style are usually equipped with all-glass and frameless doors designed to elevate the appearance of your vehicle. However, it does not offer the functionality you might be looking for since most expensive doors are pretty prone to breaking. 

In contrast, the aluminum finish of the cheaper camper shell is quite durable. Therefore, it is wiser to stick to brand as opposed to style. 

3. Choose the add-ons 

A wide variety of ads and other installations are also worth considering while choosing the canopy. Any camper shell for sale in California is expected to have the following features at least:

  • Camper Lining: Most camper shells are equipped with carpet lining, which enhances the internal appearance. 
  • Window: The canopies are usually manufactured with different window options. From sliding to fold-down possibilities, one can choose whichever is more convenient. 
  • Racks: Consider picking up some racks, as they can accommodate extra cargo.

4. Buying used

Watch out for camper shells for sale in California. A used car is worth picking up if you get a good deal. Make sure to do all the research before picking up the shell. 

Measure your bed correctly, as it is usually designed wider in the front and narrower at the rear. Moreover, it is always wise to try it to determine if you can operate the door with the canopy attached to your vehicle. 

Lastly, avoid getting blinded by good deals on used shells, as they might not have any remaining warranty. 

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