Leer Tonneau Cover in California

Did you ever wonder if adding a Snugtop Tonneau Cover in California to your pickup will improve gas mileage and cut down fuel expenditure? We’ve done our research and contemplated the following findings of studies.



It seems common sense that covering a pickup truck bed with a ton of fabric would reduce drag since it reduces the airflow. Going by that theory, you can deduce that reducing drag makes your vehicle more aerodynamic, resulting in greater fuel efficiency and saving money at the gas station.


Consumer Reports Test

Consumer Reports held their small test in 2013 with a Dodge Ram V8. They tested whether a tonneau cover improved fuel economy when driving. They found that driving with the tonneau cover often worsens fuel economy. Although, it must be considered that they only used one tonneau cover and used only one truck.

This research about whether tonneau covers improve your fuel economy doesn’t have much weight, but it still comes up in conversation when people discuss tonneau covers and mileage.


 The Wind Tunnel Study

In 2007, the Specialty Equipment Market Association conducted one of the most scientific studies on this question. Their team tested four trucks of different brands and 13 tonneaus of different makes and models. The trucks tested were:


The wind tunnel found that every truck had less drag with a tonneau cover. Though these decreases were small, they were measurable. On average, using a tonneau cover led to a 6% reduction in drag.

This decreased drag meant about a 1.8% increase in fuel efficiency. Even though 1.8% better fuel economy isn’t massive, it makes a difference over a year. The verdict of the Wind Tunnel study is that using a tonneau cover could give you modest savings in fuel saving.




Of course, mileage isn’t the only reason to use a tonneau cover on your pickup truck. It’s not even high on our list. However, there are lots of reasons to get a tonneau cover. People use Tonneau covers for adventure to protect essential cargo for the trip or hide expensive items on cargo. In addition, tonneau covers enhance the truck’s looks and make them effective storage spaces. 

Snugtop Tonneau Cover in California are used on pickup trucks for many reasons, and that is why they are so popular. So, if you are wondering whether to install a tonneau on your truck, I hope the feedback from satisfied customers helps you to decide to invest in a cover. Tonneau covers are also easy to use and customizable for a purpose.

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