Snugtop Tonneau Cover in California

Ordinary pickup truck covers are fairly easy to remove most of the time. Some pickup truck covers. However, it may prove more challenging than others at times. Here we’ll explain how to take off different types of backings not to find a thorn in the Wilderness buffet trip.


There are many reasons to take off your truck bed cover. Some common reasons are:

What tools do you need? 

It depends on the type of tonneau. Tonneaus like hinged fiberglass are the most difficult to remove, sometimes requiring multiple people. Soft covers are easier to remove in almost under 15 minutes.

You can probably assume you’ll need the same tools to remove your cover as you used to install it. Your manufacturer’s instructions guide should explain how to remove your tonneau cover and usually specify which tools to use. Ensure you have enough space when working with a tonneau cover and somewhere to save it once it’s been removed.

You may need the following tools. Remember to check your user manual.



Sawtooth stretch:

This one-piece detachable truck bed cover is easy to remove. You can detach the cover by yourself and then remove the rails in a matter of minutes. With no tools required, you can pull off the truck bed cover piece by piece with ease. Follow these steps:


  1. Unhook the J-hooks from the tailgate corners roll up the tonneau towards the cap.
  2. Remove the bows from the side rails. Pull them out of the slots by applying pressure.
  3. Pull tailgate rail backward to remove it from the two sides.
  4. Remove side clamps to detach tonneau side rails.
  5. Lift the side rails from the bed rails.
  6. Remove the cap rail.


Tri-fold tonneau:

  1. Fold the cover-up to the bed.
  2. Use a wrench to remove the bolts of the hinges.
  3. Then, you and a friend can then stand on each side of the truck, lift the folded cover, and move it off. Be careful not to strain your back.
  4. If your tonneau had rails, this would leave the rails attached. If you need to add cover back in the recent future, you can leave the rails on.
  5. If you need to remove the tri-fold cover permanently, you can take rails off.


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