How To Keep Your Truck Germ-Free While Working Through The Pandemic

Several countries are trying their best to restart their economy by reopening businesses and routes for transport. If you’re one of the several truck owners who primarily depend on transporting goods as means of income, we get how much you must have suffered through the lockdowns and how eager you must be to jump back into the business. As you do so, it is equally important to follow the safety and hygiene norms stated by various health advisories.

Since, due to the nature of your work, you’ll frequently come in contact with people and objects in different parts of the state and touch different interior parts of your truck, it can potentially become a source for various viruses and germs to accumulate and transmit. And the only way to prevent such microbial transmission is to disinfect and clean all parts of the truck’s interior as frequently as possible.

This cleaning and disinfecting process pose yet another challenge for you, which is using the right chemical cleaners and disinfectants for individual truck interior parts. You must try not to sabotage the quality and durability of different interior parts by randomly using chemicals over their surfaces. And to do so, the first thing you need to understand is which specific chemicals can be used in a particular part, such as your steering wheel, seat belt buckle, door handles, shift knob, dashboard controls, etc. Though there are some multi-purpose cleaners that can clean different types of surfaces, it’s important to identify your interior’s material and select the most appropriate and effective cleaning products.

As a general guideline, avoid using cleaning solvents that include chemicals like which include acetone, kerosene, and alcohol as they directly harm and damage common interior materials such as vinyl, synthetic plastic, leather, etc.

Also, irregular cleaning and disinfecting won’t help you maintain complete safety. You’ll have to perform a thorough and step-wise cleaning procedure:

First, ensure all the dirt and dust particles are out, which can host different viruses while hiding in the corners by using vacuum cleaners to reach all tight crevices and corners.
Once done, use appropriate cleaning solvents, preferably with disinfecting qualities, which effectively remove viruses like COVID-19 from different surfaces with a clean brush or cloth.

Every time you move in and out of the truck, use hand sanitizers to disinfect your hands and sanitizing sprays inside the truck.
If you use a shared truck, ensure that every other driver follows the same guidelines while working and before handing over the truck to someone else.

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