Over the past few years, tri-fold tonneau covers have become quite popular among truck owners across the U.S. In this regard, the arrival of the Extang Solid Fold tonneau cover was the real gamechanger, and since then, manufacturers have ramped up efforts to improve the quality of these covers. This is why tonneau covers have become an important truck accessory.

If you are looking for the best tonneau covers in California, you have arrived at the right place. In this blog, we will slice and dice a few features which make tonneau covers so popular.

1. Installation

One of the main reasons why tonneau covers are becoming so popular is due to the ease of use. You do not have to drill to install tonneau covers, a factor that is taken for granted.

In most cases, the best tonneau covers in California are primarily secured using a clamping system. Although each manufacturer has a different way to mount the cover, a majority of them make use of small rails that attach to the rails of the bed.

2. Versatility

Another factor why tonneau covers are an instant hit among truck owners is their versatility. In just a few seconds, you can go from having a full tonneau cover to cover only a third of your truck bed.

3. Security

Tonneau covers provide a great degree of security. With the tri-fold tonneau covers, you can be sure that your truck bed is well protected. When your truck has a tailgate lock, you can completely protect it with a tri-fold cover.

4. Protect your items from hostile weather

Whether it’s a hot summer day in California or a cold winter day in Chicago, tonneau covers protect your valuable items from all the hostile elements such as snow, dust, rain, and more. Your cargo is safe and secure.

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