The All-New BAKFlip MX4 Tonneau Cover

Since it was launched in 2016, the BAKFlip MX4 was the first hard folding truck bed cover that was matte-finished all the way, which led to its success as America’s No. 1 truck bed cover in only a few years. BAK Industries proudly presents this all-rounder truck bed cover for different truck brands with maximum security build and first-class finish throughout its range. And being one of the largest suppliers of BAKKFlip MX4 Toyota Tundra, BAKFlip MX4 Dodge Ram 1500, and BAKFlip MX4 Toyota Tacoma bed covers in the USA, our highly adept staff at California Campershell can guide you through its wide range and help you find the perfect tonneau cover for your truck.

Unique Features Of BAKFlip MX4:
Almost 100% Bed Access:
It is designed to tightly fold and rest all the way back towards the head to allow access to almost 100% bed area without you having to bend down or stretch your hands under it. The struts that hold the cover while folding are structurally enhanced with simple pull-strings latches on both sides with rubber bumpers and rod clips for comfortable folding and resting of the cover.
And the best part; MX4’s integrated buckling and automatic latching mechanism allow you to drive with the cover partially or fully opened without covering the central 3rd brake light.
Improved Rails:
New and improved side rails come with dual channels and full perimeter seals to direct water away from the cover without seeping through it, thoroughly securing the cargo inside. These rails are topped with stylish EPDM rubber seal end caps for additional protection and aesthetic enhancement.
Triple-Fin Tailgate Lock With Extra Security:
A feature that is unique to only a few bed covers, the MX4 has a special locking system on the cover, which secures it perfectly even if the tailgate is open for transporting long shaped objects. For more security of cargo, it features pre-molded, shock-absorbent bumpers on either side of the panel, protecting folded panels from hitting the cover while driving turbulently.
Complete Matte-Finished Components:
Not just the cover surface, but the engineers at BAK Industries went on to provide a premium matte-finish to all of its side rails, clamps, and even elevator bolts. This state-of-the-art finishing offers two benefits: it protects the cover from UV damage, fingerprint marks, and scratches while creating a sleek no-profile appearance that maintains your truck’s style.
Easy Drill-Free Installation:
The entire cover is secured over the bed with sturdy clamps which do not require any drilling or hammering. Hence, you can install this cover by yourself with nothing but a wrench and a few hours of a day.

Additional Benefits Of Buying A BAKFlip MX4 Tonneau Cover:
Since it is manufactured and distributed in the USA and by a US-based company, you can always trust its quality and durability.
1. It is designed to hold up to 400lbs of evenly distributed weight for long journeys across states.
2. It comes with a 5-year long warranty, reflecting the confidence BAK Industries has in its products.
3. It consists of enhanced end caps on the mounting rails for better security and style.

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