A Leer tonneau cover is an ideal choice to protect your truck’s bed. If you are searching for a cover that is robust but low in weight and has a sleek and modern look, read on to learn about leer tonneau covers and a few models of these covers. 

What is a Leer tonneau cover? 

Customers prefer these covers to receive better aerodynamic performance for their truck’s open bed. It also prevents road litter and debris from entering the bed and contributes to the overall appearance of your truck. 


Several leer tonneau cover models provide inexpensive, simple, and prominent weatherproofing for your pickup bed. If properly installed, your truck’s aerodynamic drag should be significantly reduced. This can increase the mileage of your pickup and create a smaller carbon footprint. 

What is the purpose of Leer tonneau covers?

With a Leer tonneau cover, you can protect your cargo from being stolen, lost, or damaged. You can also get better gas mileage. It will also keep your truck’s bed from getting damaged, so you won’t have to pay for expensive repairs in the future.

Different models of the leer tonneau cover 

Leer 700 tonneau cover

This is one of the most economical and simple covers, usually made up of fiberglass, and is highly famous all over the globe. Newer models have a Leer Cync release hook that makes it easier to open the cover with one hand. This can be done from each side of your truck bed; it is a major benefit if compared to several previous models of the Leer tonneau cover. 

Leer tri-fold tonneau cover

This cover is not firm but pliable and soft. It is made to protect your truck’s bed and cargo from different kinds of weather. It provides certain fasteners to give extra protection compared to regular Leer tonneau covers. 


This cover can be closed and opened through the tailgate of your vehicle with the help of its open-latching system. 

Leer HF650M tonneau cover

This rigid, four-fold cover can be put on quickly and easily, and most of the time you don’t need any special tools. It is highly resistant to scratches and dents. A 3-year warranty is also provided against manufacturing and material flaws. 

Leer 550 tonneau cover

This is a low-key piece of fiberglass that shines. It works well and fits well, and it has a proper flip-lock handle made of rotary latches, gas props, and a front-mounted FlexSeal. Keyless remote unlocks, interior lighting, and the headliner are available as in-built options. 

Leer 750 Sport 

This is one of the most stylish tonneau covers made completely for the latest truck models. It comes with automotive paint and aerodynamic styling. This is known as one of the most unique tonneau covers for a truck bed. 

Leer 100XR tonneau cover

This cover provides a waterproof seal for the truck’s bed. It also has windows so that pets can get enough air, and there is enough room to camp in the back of your truck. Tinting of the rear door and side window is standard, just like roof insulation and automotive-grade paint. 

Are Leer tonneau truck bed covers waterproof? 

No tonneau cover offers 100% waterproofing. For this particular reason, they can’t be considered completely waterproof. Although leer tonneau covers are water-resistant and, during rainy seasons, they will surely protect your truck’s bed from getting wet. 

At California Campershell, you can get standard-quality Leer tonneau covers for your truck bed that are water-resistant and come with a warranty. We all know tonneau covers are important for any truck bed, and the same is true for the quality of these covers. Our team members are highly experienced and always make sure that you receive top-notch accessories for your truck.