How To Protect Your Tonneau Cover I

Your truck battles the beaming sun, harsh dust, and ever-changing weather to help you be as productive as you can. It is only natural that you want to clean and tidy it up every couple of days. But it’s hard to find time between long jobs and family weekends for cleaning your truck that frequently. This is when modern car wash services come to your rescue. Simply driving through an automated car wash system saves you a ton of time and effort, which you can dedicate to your work.

However, even though you can wash your entire truck roughly, you can’t do the same with your tonneau cover. Cleaning a tonneau cover requires some precautions that every other car wash center may not practice. Hence, to protect your covers from potential damage and early wear-and-tear, here are some points to consider before choosing a car wash for cleaning your truck regularly.

In Car-Wash Centers With Spinning Brushes:

Though automated spinning brushes and rollers can wipe every tough stain on your truck, they can be pretty harsh on the tonneau covers. Unlike your truck’s metal body, most tonneau covers can get abraded by rough spinning brushes over time. Also, since the brushes are hard-pressed against the truck’s surface, they might gradually displace the clamps and rails of the cover.

Hence, if you’re entering a car wash with spinning brushes, check if the service center has provisions for taking care of tonneau covers separately or at least use brushes that are soft and effective on them. To be safe, we’d recommend you remove the covers before washing.

In Car-Wash Centers With Automatic Waxing Cycle:

The waxes used to polish your truck after washing aren’t suited for tonneau covers as they leave a film or haze on its surface, which can lead to further erosion. And if you’re visiting a car wash with an automated waxing process, it’s better if the covers are removed beforehand.
Check if the car wash facilitates separate cleaning of the covers and provides special protectant wax for them.

In Sensor-based Touch-Free Car Wash Centers:

If your tonneau cover is hard-fitted and unsuited for being removed ever now and then, it would be best to find a car wash center with a sensor-based contact-free washing process. Here, sensors are used to understand your truck’s dimensions and other characteristics, and it sprays water with washing chemicals over it, without using any brushes. This helps clean the cover without removing and prevents it from any potential damage.

In Manual Hand Washing Centers:

Every type of car wash technique has its pros and cons, which you have to weigh correctly to protect your tonneau cover. In the end, if you keep finding more drawbacks in the automated washing techniques, you can always visit a manual washing center where people who know how to wash your truck and its covers separately can do the job for you. Though it might be less convenient and time-consuming for you, it is the best way to ensure the safety of your tonneau covers.

Tonneau covers that are manufactured with high-quality material and study design may not require as many precautions. Hence, it is always best to buy branded covers that are known for their durability and reliability. If you’re looking for such tonneau covers for sale in California, you can always find them at California Camper Shell. Being one of the most trusted suppliers for top brands such as SnugTop, LEER, A.R.E., and BAK truck bed covers in California, we can definitely help you find the best tonneau covers for your truck. You can visit our California Camper Shell website to look at our wide range of products and get in touch with our team for any queries you have.

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