Here Are 3 Best Hard Tri-Folding Tonneau Covers You Should Look Out For In 2020

Truck bed covers are an essential accessory for any truck owner in America or around the world. No matter which country you live in, bad weather, wind-drag, and thieves are common problems every commercial truck owner faces. All truck bed cover types provide distinct solutions for these three problems and are best suited for specific kinds of jobs, loads, and truck brands.

Today, we’ll look at three unique hard tri-folding covers by the most trusted truck bed cover makers in America. We’ll also have a quick overview of their pros and cons so you can decide if they suit your truck and work type before you buy folding tonneau covers from anywhere in America.

BAKFlip G2 Hard Folding Cover:

BAK Industries is a common name that every trucker knows and trusts in America. BAK has produced some of the best folding tonneau covers ever, including their BAK Revolver and Rack Contractor series. BAKFlip G2 is one of the most affordable hard folding tonneau cover options you can find today.


It has earned the tag of ‘the most fitting bed cover’ among truckers as all its variants fit perfectly to their compatible trucks impeccably.


BAKFlip G2 is designed to provide good weather protection. Though it successfully keeps moisture and rainwater out, some leakage from the edges can be expected during heavy rains and stormy weather.

BAKFlip MX4 Hard Folding Cover

BAKFlip MX4 is by far the most aesthetically advanced tonneau cover by BAK Industries. It is trusted as one of the most sought-after folding tonneau covers in California and other states. It is the only hard folding cover that is entirely matte-finished.


It is the sleekest, most aerodynamically designed tonneau cover that does not require any truck bed modifications and is easily installable. It is fitted with clamps that grip the truck bed rails with in-built security locking functions.


Though the overall built of BAKFlip MX4 is highly secure from theft, some leakage can be expected if your driving in heavy rain or a storm.

Rugged Liner Premium Hard Folding Cover

Founded in 1995, Rugged Liner is one of the best manufacturers of tonneau covers and truck bed liners, with more than 70 countries using its products.


Rugged Liner Premium comes with the most secure weatherproofing design, which is known to keep the bed dry even in heavy rains or storms. This feature is hard to get in a hard folding cover, which is also more affordable than its competitors.


It is said that its overall protection could be better. And it may be a bit less convenient in opening and closing than other hard folding covers.

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