Ford F-150 Camper Shell

If you’re a truck enthusiast or a trucker by profession, you’re already aware of the impeccable F-series pickup trucks by the automobile giant Ford. Since 1948, Ford has amazed the automobile industry with highly capable and stylistic pickup trucks, chassis cab trucks, and medium-duty trucks. And probably by 2021, they’ve even planned to shake up the market with an all-new electric pickup!

But for now, let’s look at their existing models and the available campershell options that all Ford truck owners should be aware of. The current Ford truck models, SVT/Ford Raptor, King Ranch, Platinum, and Tremor, are widely used in American states for logistics and delivery purposes. And with the addition of a top-quality camper shell, they can be used as a functional room for camping, long trips, or merely resting.
Camper shells, or toppers, increase the looks and functionalities of pickup trucks by manifold. And if you think they may cost you your milage or reduce the truck’s performance is any way, then you’re thinking wrong. It might have been true in the old days when camper shells were made of hard and heavy metals. But since the evolution of polymers and fiberglass, major camper shell brands like Snugtop, LEER, ARE, Overland, etc. now manufacture extremely lightweight and highly durable camper shells for Ford F-series.

Features And Benefits Of The Camper Shell for F150:

Apart from securing high cargo loads from harsh weather and theft, these new camper shells have improved designs to blend with your F-series truck seamlessly. Also, their sturdy and spacious built allows you to install multiple windows, appliances, and devices to turn them into preservative storage spaces or a mini-room for staying in at night while driving interstate or camping. The list of their futures is too long, so we’ll keep it short. Here’s are the essential features you’ll get with your camper shell for F150 pickup:

● These shells are built for easy installation without any drilling or cutting.
● They comprise a unique welded frame with a rare roof cage.
● They’re built with reinforced fiberglass, which doesn’t rust or decay, preventing the truckbed from pre-maturing rusting for several years.
● The average time required to install them is not more than 50 minutes to an hour.
● Their aerodynamic design helps maintain healthy mileage while providing a sleek look.
● They are one of the most lightweight versions so far.
● They can be easily installed and removed whenever you want.
● They come with a preinstalled sliding window that provides a partial or full view of the truck bed.
● They come in multiple colors and builts so that you can choose the right topper for your F150 without any compromise.

Though these shells are made by the big brands, you should always purchase camper shells from an authorized and trusted camper shell store to ensure you get the best quality product. And if you’re wondering where to buy your camper shell for F150 in California, California Campershell Inc. has exactly what you’re looking for.

Being the leading suppliers of the latest branded tonneau cover and camper shell in California, we can help you get the best bed covers for your unique truck. We might be the only camper shell store that can help you get your camper shell for sale prices that are highly discounted. So visit the California Campershell website to find our stores or make your inquiries for buying the best camper shell for F150 in California


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