Undercover bed covers shield your truck’s bed and its goods from dust, rain, wind, snow, and more, and also keep your belongings safe. Furthermore, it can even improve the appearance of your truck. 

Read on to learn about the various models of undercover bed covers for your truck. 

Classic undercover bed covers 

These covers serve as one of the truly competitive choices for customers who need something different from the common, heavy fiberglass cover. 

This model is highly appreciated for its durability, impact resistance, and strength while weighing slightly less than other competitive models. 

SE undercover bed covers 

This is similar to the classics undercover but has an upgraded, highly aerodynamic appearance and a bit of an inclined rear spoiler. It also uses only one centered lock, whereas traditional ones have one on both sides. This makes it a bit simpler to use. 

This undercover comes in a smooth version for customers who want to paint it to match the color of their truck’s cover. It can be used with several different truck models. These covers do not come with a textured finish and are paint-ready. It’s important to know that these gray covers are open and don’t have UV protection. These covers should be painted before use. 

ELITE undercover bed covers 

This is a diligently produced and engineered, refined option with an utterly fresh design. New features such as a single centered handle, removable LED light, a cargo retriever, and OEM code-matchable lock. 

It is a glossy and slick-styled cover with a modified contoured fit and a simple, easy on-off construction. Like the Classic and SE covers, the Elite covers have wall hangers so they can be stored in the garage. 

TRIAD undercover bed covers 

This is one of the newest covers. It has matte black panels that fold in a solid way and perimeter seals that work together to keep the elements out as well as possible. This cover can be used either all the way closed or folded and fastened with 2/3 of the cover shows. 

This lets you carry any type of goods with its tailgate clamps, which are simple to use for instant truck bed access. This undercover bed cover comes completely assembled for quick installation and removability. 

FLEX undercover bed covers 

This cover comes with the next generation of closed truck bed covers, combining truck bed safety with the simplicity of a smooth roll-up tonneau cover. 

This cover has panels that are attached to rails and can be folded all the way down. They can also be used in place, parallel to the back glass of the truck, with the help of prop rods. The rails are made to get water away from your cargo. 

ULTRA FLEX undercover bed covers

Ultra-flex is a bit like Flex but has a few extra features. On top of the cover, you can see matte black aluminum panels, and on the downside, you can find mold-resistant and luxurious carpeting, along with secured luminous light rail panels to help you find your goods at night. 

It is one of the lowest-profile folding undercovers available on the market and is barely noticeable from the side, giving it more of a factory look. Its dual tailgate seal helps keep dust and water out and also permits the tailgate to be uncovered with the help of the cover panel closed or open. 

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