Desiring a TRUCK CAMPER SHELL Get to know the BENEFITS first

Do you ever daydream about living your life on the road? If you’ve ever gone camping, you know the clamminess of waking up overheated in a tent scorching in the early morning sun. Tents are enjoyable, but do you also fantasize about living in a truck camper shell?

A truck camper shell is a low-cost option that will elevate your camping experience while allowing you to live the RV (Recreational Vehicle) lifestyle in a whole new way. If you enjoy both and have a limited budget, a truck camper shell is your best bet. And perhaps the most significant advantages are affordability, versatility, and simplicity. It will alter your way of life in ways you never imagined possible.

So, what BENEFITS could you win by living in a truck CAMPER SHELL?

A Fantastic ECONOMICAL Solution

A camper shell is a low-cost option that will increase the utility of your truck. Even if you have a limited budget, it will bring you closer to the RV experience. Its affordability, versatility, and simplicity set it apart.

SHARE Your ADVENTURE TALES with Other Truck Campers

While living in a truck camper shell is a different experience altogether, you cannot underrate the thrill of meeting other truck campers and sharing experiences that create a sense of community. In addition, you will be able to visit places you had no idea existed.


The fact that you can fit everything you need into a small space makes it simple. In camper shells, sleeping arrangements can be as simple as a sleeping bag and pad or as complex as futon mattresses, slide-out drawers, and built-in heaters.

The ROBUST benefits

Any person owning an open-bed pickup truck has perhaps had something fly out on the highway, a sensitive load gets soaked in an unexpected rainstorm, seemingly insignificant items stolen, or garbage dumped into the bed.

So, do you deserve these unnecessary hassles while you want to savor your camping experience? Well, living in a truck camper shell can certainly get you rid of this.

CARGO STORAGE that is Lockable and Weatherproof

A camper shell converts your normally exposed truck bed into a lockable, weatherproof storage space for cargo or even yourself. Even the most basic models of truck camper shells have locking handles on the rear access door, preventing the tailgate from opening if it is not locked.

WINDOWS that allow for necessary VENTILATION

Many camper shells have opening windows that allow for essential ventilation, whereas enclosed tonneaus create dingy tunnels that encourage mould growth. Weatherstripping is also included on camper shells, and you can caulk them with butyl tape or silicone caulk for added protection.

Allows the use of ROOF SHACKS

Furthermore, using or living in a truck camper shell enables roof racks to mount oversized items that would otherwise not fit within the bed. When you can’t install cab-mounted roof racks, shell-mounted roof racks will come in handy.


Since 1991, California Camper Shells has built a reputation for providing high-quality camper shells, tonneau covers, and other truck accessories to our customers. Whether you want a basic, sporty, sleek, functional, or commercial truck top, we have a variety of options for all of these. Moreover, with our large inventory on hand, including 500+ tonneau covers and 100+ camper shells, your experience in living in a truck camper shell is sure to enhance manifold.

Contact us for more details on various truck campershell models that suit your needs the best.

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