Consider These 3 Essential Differences Between A Tri fold And A Roll-Up Tonneau Cover Before Buying One

Soft truck bed covers have gained much popularity in the past decade due to their convenient and durable design. Most truckers find it easy to simply push back a lightweight cover and open only the necessary portion of the truck bed for putting in or retrieving cargo. However, there has also been much debate on if one should buy tri fold or roll-up folding covers in California for maximum utility and comfort. To make this decision, you first need to know the essential difference between these two covers.
But before we look at their differences, let’s understand how the average American truckers use them.
How Are Tri folding And Rolling Tonneau Covers Used?
Both of these covers are soft folding type and are installed over the bed rails. They require no drilling or screwing for installation as they are directly clamped with the rails. Both covers can be folded partially to expose only a necessary area of the bed and removed with ease whenever necessary. When removed, they can be easily placed within the bed with other cargo.
What Are The Differences Between Tri folding And Rolling Tonneau Covers?
Folding Comfort:
To be more specific, the roll-up cover is fastened over the bed either by a hook-and-loop velcro strip or press buttons along the bed rails. So you have to walk across the three sides to undo the cover and roll it. The trifold cover simple folds in ⅓ parts towards the cab head without having you to move around.
Bed Access:
Though both covers offer complete bed access, the tri fold cover’s last fold cannot be folded entirely and may limit your options of cargo placement towards the cab head. The rolling cover, on the other hand, rolls completely and is latched over the cab head, offering truly 100% bed access.
Stake Holes Use:
The stake holes over the bed rails are required for installing other bed accessories such as tie-downs, ladder, racks, etc. Since some roll-up covers can be fastened at the bottom of the rails, you can still have access to these stake holes without having to remove the entire cover. But with a tri fold cover which always sits on top of the rails, you’ll have to remove the whole cover to access them.

All in all, if you need a quick access cover that allows you to swiftly open and close the bed while moving cargo, the tri fold does a great job. But if your work requires you to use racks and ladders frequently, a roll-up cover would be more convenient.
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