Camper shells are everything you need for a splendid road trip with your beloved Overlanding truck. This truck accessory has been all the rage for quite some time now for its versatile utility. However, an Overlanding truck demands a camper shell to secure and protect the mini bed at the back of your truck. 

Choosing the right kind of camper shell for your truck is a must; however, the choice can be overwhelming as wide varieties are available in the market. Therefore, we have come up with the following article to give you an insight into the type of camper shell available in the market. 

Fiberglass Hard-Shell

A camper shell of fibreglass is a common pick for an Overlanding truck. Their extremely durable form factor is one of the key selling points for this type of camper shell. In addition, it offers sufficient insulation at a reasonable price point.

Fibreglass hard shells can be modified to your preference. Everything is possible with the hard shells, be it adding a window to selecting a roof height. Your window options can vary from fixed to hinged windows and many more.

The Fiberglass camper shell does not shy away from providing utility. It’s light form factor makes it easier to install on your Overlanding truck. In addition, you can mount roof racks and other necessities on this bad boy to hold onto some extra amenities.

Fabric Bed Cover

Chosen for their simplicity and sleek design, fabric bed cover camper shells are affordable for a full-blown bedding setup at the back of your truck. This canvas-made camper shell can be rolled or folded to have complete access to the bed.

The camper shell offers much coverage to your bed for people curious about the inside. The only downside to the camper shell is the bed cover material which provides very low insulation, as a result of which the inside can get extremely hot.

The roof of the camper shell can be folded, essentially turning it into a convertible. As a result, you can carry a lot of cargo with an open roof, making it idle for any situation.

Metal Camper Shell

Lastly, a metal camper shell with an exterior made of metal makes it ideal for hardcore camping. Not only does it offer protection from climate and other external factors, but it also offers sufficient storage and usability.

Metal camper shells are a notch above fiberglass hard shells in terms of durability. In addition, some metal variants come with a smart cap system made of stainless steel, opening up room for more customization. Smart caps are capable of supporting additional weight up to 770 lbs.

A smart cap is the greatest addition to the metal shell as it opens up rooms to mount additional equipment. It can hold a tent on its roof to provide the required space. Unfortunately, it can provide a bulky impression to the Overlanding truck that cannot be completely removed.

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