As a truck owner, you’ll expect your truck bed cover to secure, durable, and stylish enough for your truck to be as efficient as possible. The only issue here is, a stylish tonneau cover may often be less durable, and if a cover is laden with extra protection, it becomes hard to access and use. You can rarely find a tonneau cover that balances all these factors alone. And the BAKFlip MX4 bed cover by BAK Industries is one such rare hard folding tonneau cover that’s gaining more popularity by the day.

BAKFlip MX4 is a heavy-duty tri-fold tonneau cover that perfectly balances protection, convenience, and style. To give you a better overview, let’s look at its features as per the following factors:

Build Quality:

With a simple and sleek design, BAKFlip MX4 has three large aluminum panels that fold in towards the truck cab. It is formed with light, but durable aircraft-grade aluminum, and all components are matte-finished. 

The panels are designed to open one or two panels at a time while covering the rest of the truck bed. It has an integrated buckle system on all three panels to fold individually without any straps or bungee. With its simple pull-cable release, you can fold the cover from the passenger or driver side with ease.

It uses an advanced locking mechanism where you can access the latch even with the tailgate closed. It also has automatic latchings that allow each panel to lock individually and automatically.

Installation Process:

The Bakflip MX4 has a clamping installation system that is drill-free and requires less than an hour to set up by a single person. 

The cover simply sits above the bed rails, while its supporting rails are fastened with clamps at the sides of the bed. Since there are no holes involved, the clamps can be placed anywhere along the bed ends.

It comes with drain tubes installed by the sides of the cover, along with corner caps, rail-end caps, prop rod clips, and elevator bolts.

Utility & Performance:

The overall build of the aluminum panels is suitable for heavy-duty, all-season use while the total matte finish provides significant scratch resistance and UV protection round the year.

It is one of the few folding tonneau covers that provide almost 100% bed access after installation. Its water and moisture resistance is impeccable due to its new and improved dual channels rails and full perimeter seals. 

Security-wise, the latches and tailgate locks do a great job secure the cover in its place, while allowing you to open the bed with the tailgate closed. Contrarily, you can also drive with the tailgate open, and the cover closed securely.

All in all, its simplistic look and functionality make it the top choice among American truckers who haul large and heavy cargo over long distances. However, to get the best of its quality and warranty, we suggest buying your cover from an authorized dealer of BAKFlip MX4 tonneau cover, like California Campershell. And you can easily get such high-quality, branded truck bed cover in any California Campershell outlets. You can also visit the California Campershell website to order your favorite folding tonneau cover at the best price.

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