Are Tonneau covers waterproof

One of the primary reasons many people purchase tonneau covers is to safeguard their goods from snow and rain. Adding a tonneau cover will help to eliminate a downpour from ravaging everything you are carrying in your truck. If you are seeking to study such covers or planning to buy one, you may be thinking, are tonneau covers waterproof? 

The answer to this is that no tonneau cover is ideally waterproof, but a standard and best tonneau cover would almost keep all water away from ruining your cargo. This article will help you to learn more about tonneau covers and also answer the most frequently asked question, are they waterproof? 

Are they waterproof?

As already mentioned above, it is not completely right to call these covers waterproof. Water slithers inside the covers from various places and gaps you don’t even know. Nonetheless, they do proffer water resistance which frequently fulfills your requirements of keeping your essentials dry, so covers being waterproof is not needed as you are getting your job done conveniently. 

However, you can even enhance the water resistance on your own simply by buying a high-quality tonneau cover. A painted cover is an ideal choice you can opt for. It consists of a solo piece of ABS plastic or fiberglass that goes completely from the front to the backside. 

Hard folding or hard roll-up tonneau covers also offer a bit improved level of water resistance. Many other tonneau covers, for example, snap covers, soft roll-up, and soft folding covers, barely offer any water resistance and must not be chosen in any situation if you wish to keep your goods safe from water. 

How to make tonneau covers even better?

Now, it is clear that there is nothing you can do to completely make your cover waterproof. Still, there are a lot of ways that can enhance the level of water resistance of your cover. Several covers are made with seals or rubbers at every side to stop water from entering inside, which are generally inadequate. So, let us learn about a few solutions that will enhance the water resistance and help you keep your truck bed water free. 

Utilizing extra seals 

If the magnitude of water leaking is low, the procedure can be effortless, and you are only required to install some more seals. You can take the help of a nearby hardware store and buy the seal of the ideal size as there are various measures relying on your tonneau cover. Ensure that you purchase the correct one available. 

Bed seal kits

In many instances, installing the bed and seal kits can solve your issue permanently. Buying this kit means you are purchasing almost everything that you may need ranging from foam blocks to seals. And still, if any water makes its way, it also has a drainage panel to overcome such problems 

Insulation of water pipe

Water pipe insulation is one of the most low-cost methods of avoiding leakage of water. It is a bit popular as the procedure is pretty serene, and the water pipes are easily accessible. 

You just have to fit them wherever the water generally enters, usually a gap. It can be needed if water is entering the bed from several gaps. 

As we all now have the answers to the question, are tonneau covers waterproof? At California Camper Shells, you can get high-quality tonneau bed truck covers that are highly water resistant, and you can even get things you might need to make them better. 

Tonneau covers are important for any truck, and choosing the best quality is equally important.