6 Preventive Measures For Maintaining Your Tonneau Cover To Its Best

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Your tonneau cover helps you in your routine work every day and in any weather without ever compromising your cargo and other items; hence, it is only natural that you feel it should last for your entire lifetime. And this desire to protect your cover from unforeseen damage requires preventive care and maintenance around the year.

However, basic cleaning isn’t going to help protect your cover forever. For all-round protection, you need to practice additional maintenance measures, some of which include:

Regular Inspections:

Nicks, bumps, dings, debris, looseness, scratches and corrosion are common issues that damage tonneau covers gradually and need to be checked for regularly.

Checking your bed cover for unusual occurrences can save you from spending on future maintenance and possible replacement.

Fasteners Security:

The fasteners and clamps hold the cover in place and prevent it from cracking or moving due to vibrations or load.

Hence, ensuring that all clamps, bolts and mounting hardware are tightly fastened and attached precisely to the necessary hardware is vital.

The rails require proper lubrication to prevent jamming or jerking of the cover while sliding.

Washing Precautions:

Apart from keeping it clean and sleek-looking, regularly washing your bed cover also prevents it from cracking, fading or hardening in the future.

There are a variety of cleaning kits which are designed explicitly for distinct covers and choosing the right one for your cover is an important task.

Always use a microfiber scrub or a soft bristle brush for gently cleaning the cover and dry it off with a microfiber towel.

You can allow the cleaner to soak for a few minutes if the stains are too tough.

Applying Protectants:

After every wash, always apply a protectant to the cover, the plastic rim around the bed, bumper and tailgate to preserve its shine and quality.

Also, use the protectants which are recommended by the manufacturer of your distinct cover.

Moderating Loads:

Large, heavy objects can make your bed cover saggy and loose over time, even if it’s made from the best material available.

Hence, always learn about the cover’s capacity for its manual or your supplier; and try to evenly distribute your cargo’s weight across the bed to avoid over-burdened spots on the cover.

General Protection Measures:

Soft vinyl tonneau covers must be kept away from direct sunlight at all costs as high temperature make the cover prone to damage from foreign contaminants.

This doesn’t imply that you must keep your truck in cold and shaded places all the time as this can lead to the formation of mildew and mould. You must keep a proper balance of sunlight exposure for optimal maintenance.


Be it a Ford tonneau cover, F-150 bed cover, Chevy tonneau cover, Toyota Tacoma bed cover or a Toyota Tundra bed cover; they all need distinct preventive measures for ensuring their overall protection. And if you want to learn more about these covers or are looking for the right tonneau cover that suits your work, visit the California Camper Shell website to find your best options.

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