6 Amazing Benefits of Installing a Retractable Tonneau Cover

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From moving metal tools and boxed packages, to providing countrywide towing and on-road assistance, pick-up trucks are a standard choice by both individual and large scales businesses today.

And to protect your truck from various problems that arise, protective accessories are designed to cater to every individual truck’s needs. A Tonneau cover is one such accessory which is a better version to a regular Toyota Tacoma bed cover designed for safeguarding all your goods.

There are three types of tonneau covers available today;

    • Roll-up Tonneau Covers
    • Hard Tonneau Covers
    • Retractable Tonneau Covers



Roll-up and Hard type Tonneau covers are both equally good with their unique advantages, but they create an accessibility problem, as they have to be lifted completely every time even for small tasks. Hence, the retractable tonneau cover was developed to solve this and some other problems.

Here are some of the most helpful benefits of using a retractable tonneau cover;

Ease of Access:

  • The biggest problem it solves is of the accessibility of the bed area. These tractable covers can be opened partially without exposing the whole bed to the outside.
  • This is extremely helpful while transporting packages and tools where you only need to open a small portion of the truck bed.

Strength & durability:

  • A Toyota Tacoma tonneau cover is usually made of semi-hard materials like aluminium or fibreglass, vinyl, etc.which are easy to fold and yet hard for securing the contents inside the bed.
  • These elements are least affected by the environment and do not rust or tear off easily, making them highly durable.


  • Be it rains, the snow or the piercing heat; your goods are always safe under this leakproof cover, letting you focus entirely on the road.
  • As they are designed with semi-hard materials like aluminium or fibreglass, they offer protection from corrosion in any weather.


  • These covers are usually equipped with locks. Hence, along with guarding your goods while driving, they also provide excellent security during the night or when you are away from the truck while all your tools and other stuff is still in the bed area.
  • This also saves you from the trouble of moving your stuff out every night or keeping an eye whenever your parking somewhere.

Higher Mileage:

  • Driving along the state roads, especially in open areas where the wind resistance is high, eats up a lot of fuel and reduces the mileage of the vehicle eventually.
  • Having the bed area provides an aerodynamic shape which reduces wind drag significantly and helps the truck save fuel and improve mileage.

A Cool New Look:

  • Tractable covers can be custom made and repainted later according to your taste.
  • Also, they are easily replaceable, so you can change them whenever you feel like.

With such amazing qualities, tonneau covers and all other truck accessories are gaining popularity by the day all around the world.

Trucks & Beyond, a part of California Camper Shells Inc. was started to meet this demand and provide the best quality truck accessories. If you’re unsure of what accessories would best suit your trucks, you can simply visit trucksandbeyond.com and find all the best accessories for individual trucks.

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