3 Essential Steps To Follow While Buying A Tonneau Cover

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With the increasing use of trucks for delivery and transport of goods in both small to large scale industry, tonneau covers are being manufactured in a myriad of designs to serve every individual truck’s and product’s needs. Hence, finding the cover which can serve best for your specific tasks has become a pesky task.

Hence, to help you find a tonneau cover which will best suit your truck and tasks, here are three fundamental steps to follow when comparing different tonneau covers:

Step 1 – Calculating the bed length:

This is the most basic factor which you might already be aware of. However, with the endless varieties in these beds, it’s better to know exactly how to compare your truck bed size with the cover’s size.

Truck beds are universally designed in three standard sizes, i.e., short bed, regular bed and long bed.

But, the exact shape and size of a tonneau cover depend on the brand it is made by, the year it was made and the style it is designed in.

Based on its style and structure, you may have to measure your bed differently. Some tonneau covers fit over the inner edge of the truck bed while some others may fit from the outside of the bed.

To find the best one that fits, you’ll have to measure your bed for all such cover designs.

Step 2 – Considering the types of tonneau covers

Tonneau covers are usually made either from vinyl, cloth, fibreglass, plastic or aluminium material. Most of these covers open at the tailgate, however, they may be designed to either roll up, fold up, lift, or retract away from the rear of the truck. Let’s try and understand these different types over covers in detail:

Folding Covers:

  • This cover folds back in usually three or more panels from the tailgate and is the most common design in soft tonneau covers.
  • If you don’t usually need to use the entire truck bed, then you can simply fold up the first one or two sections without exposing the other half of the bed. You can put your large cargos behind so they won’t keep getting in your way.

Roll-Up Covers:

  • These covers roll-up in themselves from the tailgate up to the bulkhead.
  • In addition to providing the benefits of a folding cover, a rolling tonneau cover allow more precise opening control and helps you used only the necessary amount of space that you want to use.

Hinged Covers:

  • This is a hard tonneau cover which is hinged at the bulkhead and lifts entirely from the tailgate.
  • As they don’t roll or fold, they are locked in one position. It is best for carrying small packages in large quantities that are to be delivered all at once.

Snap Covers:

  • A snap tonneau cover consists of a soft vinyl covering that snaps to the clamps of an aluminium frame.
  • The aluminium frame is set on top of the four sides of the bed, and the vinyl cover can be snapped or opened from any part of the bed.
  • Hence, you can access the bed from any side for handling small packages.

Retractable Tonneau Covers:

  • Retractable covers are usually fitted with an electrically powered automatic retracting system where the cover retracts backwards towards the bulkhead.
  • You won’t have to worry about holding up the cover, and you can use the bed strategically from the tailgate to bulkhead. They add a modernized look to your bed which no other cover can.


Step 3 – Selecting Compatibility factors

Once you know the size and type of the tonneau cover you want for your truck, then comes the compatibility and accessories part.

A typical tonneau cover should be compatible with accessories you might use along with it in the future. Such accessories include bed rails, tie downs, sports bars, headache racks, light bars, or bike racks.

Not all covers are compatible to fit in toolboxes. Keep it in mind while asking about your favourite cover if you already have or are planning to fit in a toolbox in your truck bed.

Also, most of the soft covers usually don’t have any locking system. If you need to secure your cargo in the bed for multiple days or are carrying expensive packages, you will have to find a tonneau cover with a locking system or install a locking system afterwards.


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