12 Dos And Don’ts to Fully Protect Your Truck Cap At All Times

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Camper shells are extremely helpful in preventing your goods from rain, snow, sunlight and even thieves turning your truck’s bed area into a foolproof storage area. And of course, the attractive, rugged look it adds to the truck is praised around the world.

It is only apparent that your camper shell, in turn, needs some amount of maintenance too. We aren’t talking about one-time maintenance but round-the-year maintenance. Although Camper shells don’t require any special attention, there are certain factors which, if you always keep in mind, will safeguard your truck top from any unexpected damage.

So, here’s a list of some important Dos and Don’ts which you should always follow to protect you camper shell:


  • Wash the cap frequently, preferably by hand and not with brushes as the new paint can easily get scratched due to brushes. Always use a soft cloth, fresh cold water in the summer and warm water in the winter.
  • Always clean off snow from over the top but with something blunt and soft that wouldn’t damage the surface.
  • You can use clear fingernail polish for the base coat touch up of any nicks or scratches. Wait until the repair is fully dry and then polish with a rubbing compound to regain the proper finish.
  • Always apply a UV protection product on all vinyl, plastic and rubber components to multiply their lifetime. However, make sure that these products don’t contain any form of petrochemical, petroleum distillate or silicone oils.
  • Use lithium grease to lubricate all locks and moving locking parts. To avoid dirt and grime build-up, spray type lithium-based lubricants can also be used.
  • When filling containers with gasoline, always place them on the ground.
  • Regularly check the fasteners connecting the truck top to the pickup bed as they often loosen up due to the vibrations from the engine and road.


  • Do not wax for the first 60 days after painting the truck as the new paint needs some time to adhere and shine entirely.
  • Do not wipe your cap with a dry cloth.
  • Never use any lubricants or solvent cleaners on the shafts of the gas struts. If necessary, clean them with water only.
  • NEVER pump gasoline into any container sitting inside the cargo area of the truck as the static electricity caused by the liquid fuel could ignite vapours and cause an explosion.
  • Avoid parking under trees as the tree sap, and bird droppings can ruin the top.


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